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Breakaway Glass:

Download BREAKAWAYS Catalogue here

Breakaway Glass, also known as sugar glass, is made from high quality resins nowadays. It can be used in place of real glass for stunts and FX shots. We have a range of moulds already prepared for some bottles and glasses. If you require a specific item to be reproduced there may be a small moulding fee.

Glass panes can be produced at almost any size. It is important to discuss your requirements up front as this might affect the processes used to produce the items.

Price Guides:

Small Bottles & Glasses: $35 each ($30 each for orders over 6)

Medium Bottles & Stemware: $45 each ($40 each for orders over 6)

Large Bottles: Call or email for a quote

Stemware (wine/champagne glasses) 

Glass Panes: from $40 (250mm x 250 mm) to $1000 (1M x 1M)

*prices dependant upon quantity ordered.


Email your enquiry and I will reply with a catalogue with full pricing and pictures of available products.


New moulds will be made with a small fee to cover the cost of materials in the mould. I do not charge for the time.


Prices are based upon the time it takes to produce the bottles.


Please give as much information as you can regarding your intended use of the breakways so I can tailor them to your needs.